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Version: v1

EMS - Managed Cloud REST API

This section will provide necessary information about the CoinAPI EMS Managed Cloud REST API protocol. This API is used to manage the overall deployment of Execution Management System API (EMS API) software, which means that in this API, you define the accounts, credentials, and configurations for the order destinations or identify the CoinAPI endpoints where you need to connect to access the EMS API. Implemented Standards:




To use resources that require authorized access, you will need to provide an API key to us when making HTTP requests.

There are 2 methods for passing the API key to us, you only need to use one:

  1. Custom authorization header named X-CoinAPI-Key
  2. Query string parameter named apikey

Custom authorization header

You can authorize by providing additional custom header named X-CoinAPI-Key and API key as its value.

Assuming that your API key is 73034021-THIS-IS-SAMPLE-KEY, then the authorization header you should send to us will look like: X-CoinAPI-Key: 73034021-THIS-IS-SAMPLE-KEY


This method is recommended by us and you should use it in production environments.

Query string authorization parameter

You can authorize by providing an additional parameter named apikey with a value equal to your API key in the query string of your HTTP request.

Assuming that your API key is 73034021-THIS-IS-SAMPLE-KEY and that you want to request all accounts, then your query string should look like this: GET /v1/accounts?apikey=73034021-THIS-IS-SAMPLE-KEY


Query string method may be more practical for development activities.


Security Scheme Type:apiKey
Header parameter name:X-CoinAPI-Key