This section will provide necessary information about the CoinAPI EMS REST API protocol. This API is also available in the Postman application: (opens in a new tab)

Implemented Standards:


Deployment method Environment Url
Managed Cloud Production Use Managed Cloud REST API /v1/locations to get specific endpoints to each server site where your deployments span
Self Hosted Production IP Address of the ems-gateway container/excecutable in the closest server site to the caller location


If the software is deployed as Self-Hosted then API do not require authentication as inside your infrastructure, your company is responsible for the security and access controls. If the software is deployed in our Managed Cloud, there are 2 methods for authenticating with us, you only need to use one:

  1. Custom authorization header named X-CoinAPI-Key with the API Key
  2. Query string parameter named apikey with the API Key
  3. TLS Client Certificate from the Managed Cloud REST API (/v1/certificate/pem endpoint) while establishing a TLS session with us.

Custom authorization header

You can authorize by providing additional custom header named X-CoinAPI-Key and API key as its value. Assuming that your API key is 73034021-THIS-IS-SAMPLE-KEY, then the authorization header you should send to us will look like: X-CoinAPI-Key: 73034021-THIS-IS-SAMPLE-KEY

Query string authorization parameter

You can authorize by providing an additional parameter named apikey with a value equal to your API key in the query string of your HTTP request. Assuming that your API key is 73034021-THIS-IS-SAMPLE-KEY and that you want to request all balances, then your query string should look like this: GET /v1/balances?apikey=73034021-THIS-IS-SAMPLE-KEY

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