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Historical metrics for the exchange

GET /v1/metrics/exchange/history

Get exchange metrics history.

Query Parameters
  • metric_id string required

    Metric identifier (from the Metrics -> Listing)

  • exchange_id string required

    Exchange identifier (from the Metadata -> Exchanges)

  • time_start date-time

    Starting time in ISO 8601

  • time_end date-time

    Ending time in ISO 8601

  • time_format string

    If set, returned values will be in unix timestamp format (valid values: unix_sec, unix_millisec, unix_microsec, unix_nanosec)

  • period_id string

    Identifier of requested timeseries period (e.g. 5SEC or 2MTH), default value is 1SEC

  • limit int32

    Default value: 100

    Amount of items to return (optional, mininum is 1, maximum is 100000, default value is 100, if the parameter is used then every 100 output items are counted as one request)


successful operation

  • Array [
  • symbol_id string nullable

    Gets or sets the symbol id.

  • time date-time

    Gets or sets the time at which the value is recorded.

  • value double

    Gets or sets the value of the metric.

  • ]